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Technical Specifications
Sega Super 32X / Genesis 32X / Mega Drive 32X
     > "Project Jupiter" is where the 32X originated.  Sega CEO (Hayao Nakayama) directed his company to produce a 32-bit cartridge-based console on January 8, 1994, which was to be in stores by Christmas 1994.  The idea to have a Mega Drive console with more colors and a 32-bit processor was presented to Joe Miller of Sega of America by Hideki Sato and other engineers from Sega of Japan.  Miller opted to produce an add-on for the Mega Drive/Genesis instead.  The code-name "Project Mars" was adopted and the design task was given to Sega of America.

     > Among other things, Sega of Japan began work on its next generation console, which was the 32-bit Saturn.  For a time, a combo Genesis/32X system (known as Neptune) was considered and even developed, but was ultimately discarded.  Sega wanted to bridge the gap between its Genesis/Sega CD and the forthcoming Saturn.  The Sega Genesis 32X was the result.

     > Mid 1994 is when the 32X was first shown at CES in Chicago.  The Sega Genesis 32X debuted in mid-November 1994 in America for US$150.  Japan got the Sega Super 32X in December, while Europe and Australia received the Mega Drive 32X in January 1995.  The system plays 32X cartridges and CD's, all Sega CD's, and all Genesis cartridges except Virtua Racing (which has a built-in SVP chip that causes conflicts).  It also incorporates advanced regional lockout technology.

     > Since it was hard to develop for, with little third party support, the 32X was a commercial failure.  Even so, games like Star Wars Arcade, Virtua Racing Deluxe, BC Racers and Spider-Man: Web of Fire were very good.  The 32X is destined to be a rare collector's item.

CPU Type: 
Sound Chip: 
Colors On-screen: 
Twin Hitachi (SH2) 32-bit RISC
23 MHz/each
512k (4 MBit) RAM (adds to Genesis/Sega CD)
32X VDP (Video Display Processor)
50,000 texture-mapped polygons/sec, 
Texture mapping, hardware scaling and rotation
Cinepak and TruVideo playback with Sega CD
A/V mixing with Genesis/Sega CD
Stereo PCM
2 (adds to Genesis/Sega CD)
32X/Genesis carts, Sega CD/32X-CD's
Sega Genesis 32X

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