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Dreamcast Ports
  • Controller Ports
    •      > The Dreamcast controller ports (4 standard) are good for more than just analog pads, flight sticks, fishing rods, gun controllers and steering wheels -- they're also high-speed, high-bandwidth interfaces that allow a lot of data to be transferred to and from the Dreamcast.  This allows for complicated peripherals like a force-feedback stick or steering wheel and eventually a digital camera.
  • Expansion Slot
    •      > This is where the standard 56k modem (in USA) is connected directly to the Dreamcast's motherboard.  However, it's also a high-bandwidth expansion slot which is capable of accepting a better standard modem, cable modems, ISDN connections, DSL modems and Ethernet boxes.  Dreamcast owners can be certain they will always have the best internet connection.
  • Multi-Out Port
    •      > Obviously, this is where the Dreamcast's video signal comes from.  It's capable of carrying composite video, S-Video, or VGA signals to your TV/monitor.  This port is controlled by a digital signal encoder that can be programmed by software developers to be sure that games look as impressive as possible and use all the latest television formats (like HDTV).
  • Serial Port
    •      > The Dreamcast serial port isn't as fast as the controller ports, but it's sufficient for lots of other potential peripherals.  Most likely, the forthcoming Iomega Zip drive will hook into the serial port.  This additional storage can be used to transfer files to and from PCs, store downloads, upgrade games and save various other types of data.

Dreamcast Expandability
     > The Sega Dreamcast console has been designed from the ground up as an upgrade-able system much like today's PCs.  As a matter of fact, Sega maintains the Uberconsole will be an evolutionary console.  Basically, the Uberconsole will be able to keep up with technological advances via upgrades and expansion better than any other console you can buy.
     > Sega has confirmed that a DVD-ROM drive will be available ("when the time is right") to those who wish to upgrade the Dreamcast's GD-ROM drive (which already holds over 50% more data than standard CDs).  Also confirmed is an Iomega Zip drive for multi-purpose, rewrite-able data storage.  The console's digital signal encoder can be reprogrammed on-the-fly to support HDTV output and other future TV formats via the multi-out port.  A digital camera could be hooked up (using a controller port) in order to allow (among other things) your face to be mapped onto game characters.  The Dreamcast's modem is designed to facilitate a video signal -- which means digital video camera equipped gamers could see each other.  You can even trash-talk with your online opponents when using the microphone peripheral (for Seaman too), which connects to a controller's VMU port.  If that's not enough, even the Dreamcast's formidable chipset is upgrade-able.
     > The bottom line is simple.  Today, Dreamcast is the most technologically advanced console you can buy.  On September 9th, hundreds of thousands of new Uberconsole owners will help make that day the biggest sales event ever!  Tomorrow, the Dreamcast will be expandable in order to embrace whatever new technology becomes the standard.  There is one thing that never seems to change though...  the enviable quality of Sega software...
~ Shinobi ~

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