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Shin Force ~ Phantasy Star ~
 Phantasy Star Online
Phantasy Star Online | Easy Ruins Entrance
> Play the game through the Mines and beat Vol Opt.  Next, take the warp to the Ruins entrance (which will be locked until you activate the three monoliths).  Finally, just do the "Walk Through Walls" trick to enter the Ruins the easy way!

Phantasy Star Online | Friend's View
> While playing online with friends just plug another Sega made controller into the Dreamcast.  Using that controller, hold L+R and press Up/Down to toggle the view between your team members.

Phantasy Star Online | Mag Synchro
> It's tedious enough to get a Mag to Level 200 with full Synchro and IQ.  After that, every time you begin a game, your Mag's Synchro goes down a little -- which means you have to feed it even more!  Well, your Mag's Synchro will never go down if you just put it in the bank before each quit and save, or exit to lobby!

Phantasy Star Online | Mag Formulas
> Get as close to the following formulas for the given race in order to acquire certain Mags:

Mag        | Race   | Def Pow Dex Mnd
Marica     | Force  | 43, 71, 43, 43
Kumara     | Force  | 50, 50, 50, 50
Naga       | Force  | 42, 58, 46, 54
Bana       | Force  | 50, 50, 50, 50
Bana       | Hunter | 40, 60, 30, 70

Phantasy Star Online | Omake
> Just put the Phantasy Star Online GD-ROM into a CD-ROM drive, then access the "Extra" directory for a bunch of picture files.
Note: tested with the Japanese and American releases.

Phantasy Star Online | Trap Escape
> Get cought by an ice or stone trap?  No problem.  Just drop 1 meseta and walk right throught it!

Phantasy Star Online | Trap/Enemy Evade
> Hate those pesky traps that make you crawl?  Whenever you enter a room or hallway just press Start and proceed to run right by all the traps without slowing down!

> Hate those CaveMine/Ruin rooms with the lights out?  Whenever you enter a dark room just press Start and proceed to run right by all the enemies (towards the light switch) without slowing down!

Phantasy Star Online | Walk Through Walls
> Customize your controls to include the standard attack.  Unequip your weapon and walk up to the corner of a locked doorway.  Get as close to the corner as possible and nudge yourself to angle your back to the door (hitting the Left trigger helps with your view).  Do a three hit combo using the standard attack and you'll step back on the third hit.  Repeat until you back yourself through the doorway!  This is a life saver in the Caves while playing online without help.  This trick also works on force fields.