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Dynamite Deka 2 / Dynamite Cop!
1x GD
Import / Domestic
May 26, 1999 (Japan)
Nov 6, 1999 (USA)
Floating 3/4 Overhead
Action / Fighter
Arcade Stick
Backup 5
     > Dynamite Deka 2 (DD2) is the Model 2 sequel to the ever popular Dynamite Deka / Die Hard Arcade (ST-V / Saturn) original.  The game has been titled 'Dynamite Cop!' in the states instead of continuing with the Die Hard license.  Sega has improved the graphics (detail and CG cut-scenes) with the conversion to the Uberconsole, but the overall gameplay remains in tact.  Basically, you move around a limited 3D environment fighting off wave after wave of bad guys, who have hijacked a cruise liner and the President's daughter.  If you like Zombie Revenge, then you should give this game a chance as they're similar.

     > Importing is a snap for those of you capable of punching, kicking and jumping.  The menus are a mixed bag of English and Japanese (70% Jap).  The game screens are entirely English as is the speech throughout the game.  Both Japanese and US versions are essentially identical sans the language.

     > There are three different missions to select from, each with individual rooms, enemies and chain of events (the reviews that state the contrary are wrong).  However, there is a decent amount of overlap among these three missions.  I'm not 100% sure, but I believe that missions 2-3 are longer and harder (sure did seem that way).  Also, you can open up additional, more difficult missions by completing the first three.  The floating 3rd person view throughout is the same as the original Dynamite Deka.

     > I've never seen the Model 2 version of this game so I can't compare the two directly.  I've read that the Dreamcast version's graphics have been enhanced over the Model 2.  At any rate, imagine the first Dynamite Deka and throw in more polygons, detail, color, effects, weapons, enemies and you'll have an idea of what DD2 looks like.  Most of the game takes place on a cruise liner, which the pirates have hijacked.  You'll fight in various areas like the deck, ball room, bar, kitchen, casino, and engine room.  The rest of the game takes place at the pirate's hideout, which happens to be a short boat ride from the cruise ship.  All the action is smooth and with a rock solid frame rate.

     > Now for the weapons.  The effects while using certain guns is amazing.  The missile launcher makes an explosion which rises up very high into a mushroom cloud.  The flame thrower is quite convincing as are the various other types of explosive weapons.

     > Absolutely mint with or without the Arcade Stick.  The buttons are jump, punch, kick, and escape.  You can also execute special moves and combos with certain button combinations.  Once you've collected enough power-ups, you can pull off some amazing combos with devastating damage to the recipient.  DD2 also has the famed quick timer events from the first DD.  In case you're unaware, this is when you need to make quick decisions and press the correct button(s) in order to advance successfully.  Note: these events require random input for success in order to insure variety.  Another gameplay item of note is the fact that nearly everything you come across can be used as a weapon.  For instance, you can use propane tanks, bodies, arcade cabinets, meat, fish, weights, chairs, boxes, and pipes in addition to normal weapons (guns, etc.).  Every weapon is not available in each area, but you'll eventually come across all of them.
     > I really enjoyed the movie-like musical score in the game. DD2 could easily have been licensed with the Die Hard name and pulled it off with its soundtrack.  You can even control the volume level in case it isn't your kind of music.

     > The sound effects are good, but certainly could have been better (IMO).  You'll hear bones cracking, groans, rockets firing, flames billowing, punches, gun shots, explosions, and English speech.  My problem here is that some of them just seemed a bit muted.

     > There are a ton of weapons at your disposal.  You'll have access to a hand gun, submachine gun, axe, three ream bazooka, 50 mm rifle, laser canon, missile launcher, iron pipe, wooden sword, iron, microphone stand, insecticide, frozen tuna, sushi, and more...  There are Arcade, Versus, Time Attack, Gallery, and Comic Book modes to choose from.  Sega also threw in an old-school arcade maze game (which sucks).  Lastly, you can select from three characters (Bruno, Jean, and Eddie), each with strengths and weaknesses.

     > There is one potential problem here though.  Most gamers will be able to finish DD2 in one sitting since it's relatively short (25-35 min) and you get 9 continues.  However, this probably will not bother fans of this type of game since every great hack 'n slash has been this way.  Remember Golden Axe and Streets of Rage?  One more thing.  Make sure to download the Detonator Pack to enhance your game with a new character, more weapons, and more illustrations (as described in the manual)...

Bottom Line
     > If you liked the first Dynamite Deka, then Deka 2 will surely please.  Fans of hack 'n slash games will want it as well.  DD2 is everything the first game was plus better graphics, more characters, enemies, weapons and moves.  The game's only downside (for some people) is that you can finish a single mission in about 30 minutes.  If that doesn't float your boat, then it might be a great rental...
Overall: 9.0 | Graphics: 9.5 | Control: 9.5 | Sound: 9.0 | Fun: 8.0

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