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Get Bass / Sega Bass Fishing
Sega Force Vault
1x GD
Import / Domestic
Apr. 1, 1999 (Japan)
Oct. 7, 1999 (USA)
3rd Person
Backup 50
Fishing Rod
Jump Pack
     > Fishing games aren't exactly my favorite genre, to say the least.  Prior to four months ago, I had yet to play one that really makes me want to fish any more than I do in real life (which is rarely, if ever).  However, once I played the arcade version of Get Bass (a Sega Model 3 wonder) and thoroughly enjoyed it, my mind was forever changed.  My interest in the Dreamcast version instantly went from zero to one hundred because of this experience.

     > Get Bass (retitled Sega Bass Fishing in the USA) is a simple arcade game with one mission... catch the ultimate bass fish!  You select a lure, a spot to cast, then you attempt to reel 'em in after you've snagged one.  Once a fish is caught, you're given points based in its weight and additional time depending on how well you reeled him in.  Classically easy to get into and yet difficult to catch the biggest bass.

     > The import version is completely playable as the menus, options, game screens and speech are in English.  The voice seems to be the same lame guy from Manx TT (ugh).  At any rate, this is a no brainer for importing.

     > Absolutely amazing!  Arcade exact, if not better in every way.  The view is a constantly panning and zooming third person perspective which gets the job done admirably.  The fish swim randomly and fluidly just as in real life.  The clouds in the sky move smoothly, and weather is a factor in certain situations.  

     > The Arcade mode takes you through four rounds, each in a different fishing locale.  You'll see inlet, dock and castle areas with exceptional scenery detail like cars, reeds, air bubbles, sand, turtles, minnows, treasure and many others.  Of course the most important scenery, the bass, are presented in photo realistic detail and silky smooth 3D animation.  The Consumer mode has more areas (like cave, bridge, reedy) and more time to fish in.

     > Wow! The Fishing Rod Controller (FRC) is made by Ascii and it's quality as you would expect from Sega hardware.  The FRC buttons are cast, change lure and change locale.  The FRC rumbles when you snag a fish and is used just like a real one.  To reel the line in just turn the reel as in real life.  For instance, you start by swinging back, then forward while pushing the A button to cast a line.  While reeling in the line, pulling back on the rod actually jolts the lure forward!  While reeling in a fish, the line tension is affected by the angle you hold the rod which provides realism like no previous fishing title!  What can I say... mint!  Also, Get Bass is highly playable with a regular Dreamcast pad.
     > The music a very arcade and based on rock tunes, but doesn't really play a large role in the game.  It's good nonetheless... nuff said.  The effects are excellent and include lures splashing, lures jingling, fish splashing, birds chirping and voice queues (in English).  The only thing missing is the crack of thunder and the sight of lightning...
     > I'd bet you'll hear some reviewer's belly-ache over how short the Arcade mode is (thanks in part to unlimited continues), but there's more to Get Bass than that.  Not only does it have excellent gameplay -- the sheer suspense of which fish will bite and whether the line will break is exhilarating.  Then there's the frustration of going 4 minutes without a single bite!  Besides, you also get Practice and Consumer (5 rounds of Championship competition) modes to play.  To top it off, you can create your own fisherman and save his stats in a diary to prove who's the king fisherman!
Bottom Line
     > Get Bass illustrates why Sega is the best software developer.  Leave it to Sega to create the first fishing game that I can't put down.  It's the Model 3 arcade wonder plus more modes and locales.  Simple, yet addictive gameplay matched with excellent graphics and sound effects produce another Dreamcast winner!
Overall: 9.2 | Graphics: 9.5 | Control: 9.8 | Sound: 8.5 | Fun: 9.0
~ Shinobi ~

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