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Basics | 12.01.1999
  • To blast-off from planets and starbases, press the D-pad Up.  To land on planets and starbases, press the D-pad Down.
  • You can have 9 items in inventory.  Only the top 4 items are equipped.
  • Watch for green echoes on your radar because those represent allied ships.
  • Before taking on a capital ship, make sure to enlist the help of an allied ship by flying around until one joins you.
  • Large green echoes are a fleet of allied ships and an opportunity to enter side missions.   By accepting, you can earn extra experience points and credits.  Approach the allied capital ship and communicate with it for instructions.
  • Red echoes are Armada ships.  The large ones are more difficult to destroy.  White echoes are capital ships and their defense force.
  • Make sure to stop using the warp thrusters before you engage a large group of enemy ships or a capital ship so that your energy bar can recharge (unless you have the Armada Heart or Warp Generator).
  • A hit and run strategy will work well against tough enemies.  Make sure not to leave space by docking or descending on a planet or else the enemy will regain all its power.
  • Make sure to seek out the squid-like ships (red cross echo), which yield shield repair power-ups.
  • Attack capital Armada ships from the rear.  Try pretending like you will flee, then turn around and attack.
  • Talk to everyone on the Allied planet after every mission is completed because their conversations can be helpful.
  • Use the scanner to collect credits and power-ups because it has a wide range.
  • Armada's mission-based gameplay ends after you've completed mission 31.  However, you can still increase your level and continue to play as long as you like.
  • You are awarded a new ship every fourth level with each race having a total of twelve different ships.
  • Armada's universe ends at +/- 1,000,000 (no more fog or enemies), but you can fly forever.
  • Incremental effect Ultratechs, like increased armor and decreased energy use to fire, can be multiplied by equipping more than one.
  • The MadCatz 6 button pad is not completely compatible with Armada as the VMU is not recognized.  A solution is to insert the MadCatz pad into port 1 and the Sega pad into port 2.  Insert a VMU in the Sega pad (port 2) and start the game.  Now you can save games on the Sega pad while using the MadCatz pad for control.
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