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Shin Force
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Shin Force ~ Dreamcast ~
 Grandia II > Final Battles
New Valmar - Room of Chaos
> Notes 
  • I did well with the following weapons, equipment, magic, and moves. 
  • Some of these items can be found in the game, while others can be purchased. 
  • I start off every major battle with offense/defense build up and offense/defense tear down, for my force and the enemy force respectively.
  • These are just recommendations to win the final set of battles in Valmar's Room of Chaos.

> Equip
  • Granasaber: +150 ATK;  Cuts SP consumption by 15%
  • Hero's Cuirass: +72 DEF; Restores some HP in combat
  • Man's Headband: +36 DEF; +10 ATK; Suppresses IP slowing
  • Ogre Shoes: +50 MOV; +10 DEF; Move like an Ogre
  • Mystic Veil: All status disorder resistance
  • Soul Egg: Wind/Water/Lightning Sagacious Mana Egg
  • Guardian Staff: +118 ATK; Earth-based [Diggin']
  • Priestess' Robe: +68 DEF; All status disorder resistance
  • Loving Ribbon: +46 DEF; Restores some HP in combat
  • Lion Boots: +20 MOV; +20 DEF; Has a lion insignia
  • Mana Insignia: Cuts MP consumption by 15%
  • Chaos Egg: Fire/Wind/Lightning Demonic Mana Egg
  • Black Angel Bow: +135 ATK; Drains MP as 10% of damage
  • Angel's Robe: +62 DEF; Restores some HP in combat
  • Sage's Hat: +38 DEF; Cuts MP consumption by 5%
  • Royal Boots: +18 MOV; +18 DEF; The King's boots
  • Ring of Guarding: +5 DEF; Poison/Sleep/Paralysis/Confusion/Plague resistance
  • Star Egg: Lightning/Explosion Ultimate Mana Egg

> SkillEquip
  • Life Up, Dash, Move Recover, Special Power, Dash, Strength
  • Life Up, Magic Power, Intelligence, Zapfire Chant, Defensive, Speed
  • Life Up, Mentality, Magic Recover, Defensive, Stormcloud Chant, Toughness

> Move/Magic
  • Soul Egg: Use a strategic combination of Sky Dragon Slash (Move), Tenseiken Slash (Move), Def-Loss (Magic), Freeze (Magic), and Allhealer (Magic).
  • Chaos Egg: Use a strategic combination of Nightmare Ball (Move), White Apocalypse (Move), Stram (Magic), Cold (Magic), and Freeze (Magic).
  • Star Egg: Use a strategic combination of Starving Tongue (Move), Fallen Wings (Move), Resurrect (Magic), Diggin' (Magic), and Stram (Magic).
~ Necromancer ~

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