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Basics | 12.29.1999
  • The first thing you need to do is realize that while you're in the Protist and Origin stages,  you can only move in the shallow water.
  • The initial locale is basically a shallow ring shaped pond which is connected to a small lake (which has a cave on one end).  So especially when you're a Protist, make sure to swim around the pond in rings because you could get stuck trying to enter the lake while being chased by a crab.
  • After you've reached the Origin stage (basically level 1 body parts) and your Health Points (HP) reach zero, you'll be transported back to the first locale and transformed back into the Origin stage.  You'll have to use nutrients to mutate body parts back into whatever they were before you died.  Note: you still retain your DNA sheet, records, and ability level.
  • Body parts can be mutated as high as level 30.  The purpose of mutation is to improve your creatures abilities.  Here are the main advantages to mutating the four body parts:
    1. Head - improves intellect and Expowers.
    2. Arms - improves both hand-to-hand and indirect attack powers.
    3. Body - improves defense and healing.
    4. Legs - improves agility and terrain you can move in.
  • Pay attention to the type of minerals each creature and item will yield so that you know where to go and what to look for when you need certain minerals.
  • When injured or poisoned, your body will heal itself naturally based on your healing ability.  You can also gain Expowers to achieve the same effect.  Note: the natural healing process uses up nutrients.
  • Your body also naturally generates Expower Points (EP) to replenish your supply.
  • While fighting, back up into a cave (without transporting) and face outside.  Now you will not have to deal with creatures attacking from behind.
  • If you're attacked from behind just back up quickly to put the enemy in front of you, then fight as usual.
  • When navigating an area, make a mental note of what direction you came from so that you can find the cave or monument you used to get there.
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