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Seventh Cross: Evolution Index

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 Seventh Cross: Evolution > DNA Sheet
DNA Sheet | 12.29.1999
Edit ScreenDNA Sheet - Edit Screen

     > This is where you actually create new DNA for your creature.  First you need Evolution Points (EVP), which can be earned by killing other creatures.  The picture shows 690 EVP and the 45 represents the cost to "send" each input grid (meaning process it).  Note: the maximum EVP you can have at any given time is 999.  The six colors on the left coincide with the six abilities your DNA input will affect (attack, Expower attack, heal, intellect, heal, and dexterity).  It's up to you to come up with a design on the 10x10 grid which will produce the desired body part and level.  Note: I made a level 26 Body with the grid you see here (I used no green/intellect or black/dexterity).  Generally speaking, here are some tips for making quality parts.  These are useful once you have the proper grid layout to alter the abilities of your part.  Head - mainly use intellect, defense, and Expower attack.  Arms - mainly use attack, Expower attack, and defense.  Body - mainly use defense, and heal.  Legs - mainly use dexterity, and attack.  Remember, you can click on the list to the right to work on any of the last 20 input grids you created.

Record ScreenDNA Sheet - Record Screen

     > This shows the last 20 input results (left), your current abilities (right), a 20x20 grid of the parts you've created (center), and a grid showing which level of each body part you created (bottom).  Similar designs will show up in similar locations of the 20x20 grid.  In other words, each design is sorted by its pattern without consideration for color.  The color attributes show up in the abilities of a given body part.  Sometimes changing just a few blocks can make all the difference.  According to the instructions, designs located near the center of the 20x20 grid are of the highest quality.  The best advice is to build up a lot of EVP, use the best grid you have (for a given body part) as a template (assuming it's still on your last 20 list), and start making small changes to improve it.  Note: once you have a great part, like a level 26 body, continue working on that grid by changing colors to achieve the desired attributes from it.

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