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Basics | 07.08.00 | Index
  • I recommend starting with a decent car.  My favorite, although not the only good starter vehicle, is the Type-S14K (class B).  It will use up almost all your starting cash, so winning some races will be necessary to upgrade it.  Later on, once I've earned enough to buy what I really want, I'd sell this car.
  • When you make the challenge, It's pot luck as to whether the computer will let you start in front of a rival for a race (happens rarely).  Sometimes, while other traffic is present, the computer will allow you to start ahead of the rival. Therefore, I would use a little strategy and time the race to begin in an area where you feel comfortable.  For instance, before a straight away, before a median, or after a sharp curve.
  • Try not to skid too much into turns because it usually causes you to hit a wall, which causes you to lose momentum and possibly SP.
  • Make it a priority to know where all the medians are because you don't want to crash into one at top speed since it usually means an instant loss.  Note: you can instantly win a race when your opponent crashes into a median, even if you're behind!
  • Since you can't bounce off walls to your advantage (as in the first SB), slow down for sharp turns.  If you can, don't slow down and try to bounce off another vehicle through a sharp turn because you don't lose much speed at all.
  • Sometimes when you weave around just before an exit you can get the computer to make a mistake and hit something (like a median or another vehicle).
  • Don't get too close to a wall or traffic when running side by side with a rival because it's a good bet he'll try to knock you into them.  On the other hand, try and return the favor -- just make sure you are passing (going faster than the rival), otherwise you'll lose momentum.
  • Use the long straight-aways to beat rivals with better acceleration.
  • Some special rivals (like Wanderers and Bosses) challenge you after certain races end -- pay attention to what Zone you're in and who you raced in order to get them to appear.  If you can't beat one of these special rivals, then you can begin another day in the same Zone and get right to him by beating a rival from that Zone.  Also, you can plan strategy on how to lead him into a portion of the track that you favor (assuming the standard appearance area isn't preferable).
  • Look for Wanderers which are not too difficult to beat (yes, you should be able to find a number of them).  Once you've found one, then forget everything else and race him over and over to build up money.  Most Wanderers yield about 200,000-300,000 CP (after the initial victory).
  • Know what car to use for a given rival.  For instance (my favorites), the Nissan Skyline and Acura NSX are good all around vehicles, while the Dodge Viper excels at top speed performance.
  • In order to get certain Wanderers to appear, try using different cars.  I can't read the Japanese manual (for an explanation), but I've experienced new rivals when using new cars.
  • Try holding down the gas slightly through turns to get better grip.  This works well as long as you're not going too fast to begin with.
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