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This section pertains specifically to a fully upgraded Nissan Skyline (Type-R34RV).  The GT, R32, and R33 models use similar settings.  Once you understand the purpose of the various settings, you can properly adjust any car in the game to suit your preference.
Nissan Skyline (Type-R34RV)
  • Response:  This allows you to adjust the sensitivity of the controller you are using for handling, acceleration, and braking.  Remember, all these settings are for the Skyline R34.  Handling is set to +15.  Acceleration is set to +9.  Braking is set to +9.  Some cars, like the Acura NSX, are quite sensitive and need negative response settings.
  • Brake Balance:  This setting does just what it says: it sets the bias for rear or front braking power.  Balance is set to +10 so that the rear end drifts easier.
  • Ride Height:  This setting affects the amount of roll in the car.  The Skyline has too much for my taste so I set both front and rear to -5.
  • Gear Ratio: These settings aren't available until you upgrade the transmission.  They allow you to tweak the acceleration and top speed of the given car.  Each sliding bar has 30 positions.  These numbers refer to the position on the bar rather than the actual gear ratio.  Low on the slider means low speed while high means higher speed potential.  1st gear is at 1; 2nd gear is at 8; 3rd gear is at 12; 4th gear is at 15; 5th gear is at 18; 6th gear is at 20; and Final gear is at 16.  To get better acceleration just move the Final gear closer to 1.  To get a higher top speed just move the Final gear closer to 30. Note: most cars will not be able to use 6th gear if you set the Final gear too high (20+) because there will not be enough torque.  Finally, most cars will have a similar pattern to this for optimal performance.
  • Spring / Damper Rate:  These settings aren't available until you upgrade the suspension.  They allow you to adjust the stiffness of the suspension.  Front Spring is at +3.  Rear Spring is at -1.  Front Damper is at -1.  Rear Damper is at +3.  Generally, a higher spring rate combined with a lower damper rate equals sharper cornering.
  • Turbo Boost:  This setting is obviously only available to cars with a turbo charged engine.  I can't see any reason not to put this on full boost (position 30) as it gives you the most horse power.  
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