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Streets of Rage 3 [Sega]
9 Lives
  • Go to the Options menu and highlight "Players".  Next, hold UP+A+B+C on controller 2 and you'll be able to select up to 9 Lives with controller 1.
Hidden Characters
  • Hold UP+B and press START at the Title screen.  Roo should be added to your choices at the Select Player menu.
  • After you defeat Shiva at the end of Stage 1, hold B until the next stage begins.  Now when you lose all your lives, Shiva will be added to your character selection at the Continue screen.
Stage Select
  • Go to the main menu.  Highlight "1 PLAYER" (with 1 controller plugged in) or highlight "BATTLE" (with 2 controllers plugged in).  Next, push and hold UP, hold B and push START on "OPTIONS".  There should be a new option to Stage Select.

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