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. 01.11.2002 - An Interview With Various Gamers
DISCLAIMER: This is intended to be humorous, not a personal attack on anyone.  Any and all similarities to real people are purely coincidental, and unintentional.

Shin=Shinobi | PO=Playstation 2 owner | GO=Gamecube owner | XO=Xbox owner | SO=Sega console(s) owner

>>Shin: What game(s) are you looking forward to (on any console)?
>>PO: Hmmm... let me check the most wanted list in this month's EGM...
>>GO: I can't wait for Zelda on GC. I just hope they finish it before I go away for college. Uhmm... Is Jak and Daxter easy to get into? Also, PSO for GC looks like a cool game.
>>XO: Halo 2, Unreal Xterminate, Half Xumed, and Quake Xtra -- all for Xbox.
>>SO: I'm enjoying Shenmue II on Dreamcast and can't wait to see the "improved" Xbox version. PSO for GC or Xbox should be good. Jet Set Radio for Xbox looks amazing! Virtua Fighter 4 for PSX2 will rock. And last, Soul Caliber 2 for GC or Xbox should be great!!

>>Shin: Which RPG (if any) is responsible for making you enjoy the genre?
>>PO: Final Fantasy VII. After all, wasn't it the first ever RPG? Also, I love the way you get to sit back and watch the whole game, while hardly making controller inputs!  Someone told me FMV sucked, but I'd say they were wrong.
>>GO: Uhmm... I'd say Zelda for NES. Even though the game had blocky graphics and anemic gameplay, it was the stuff sweet memories are made of!
>>XO: Can you role play in a FPS??? I only wanna frag and be fragged. =/
>>SO: Phantasy Star for Sega Master System. The first time I took a moving sidewalk between towns, I knew this would be a cool game.  Then when I saw the 3D dungeons and traveled through space, I yearned for more!!

>>Shin: Do you believe in hardware add-ons for your [console]?
>>PO: No. A system should never be updated. If you buy Sony, you never have to worry about that.
>>GO: You mean like adding a DVD player to watch cartoons???
>>XO: Yeah. Just like PC's, Microsoft is likely to make Xbox the continued leader in technology through expansion. And if Bill thinks it's good, then so do I.
>>SO: Yes. Sega CD was the best add-on I've ever bought, albeit commercially unsuccessful.

>>Shin: Do you plan to get Final Fantasy XI?
>>PO: Isn't everyone getting it?
>>GO: Yes! Isn't that Dr. Suess' newest release?
>>XO: No. An inferior game on an inferior system. It wouldn't pass for the loading sequence in Halo.
>>SO: I never say never. If the game is worthy and enough of my friends join its online community, there's a chance I'll be there too.

>>Shin: What developer, that's not already doing so, would you most like to see making games for your [console]?
>>PO: Hmmm... I don't know... don't Sony have all the developers?
>>GO: Whoever made Crash Bandicoot should make a Nintendo game!
>>XO: I'd like to see Dragon Force III from Working Designs! Man they made the best Saturn games.
>>SO: It's not likely or even sensible anymore, but it would have been cool to see some Nintendo games on Dreamcast like Zelda, and maybe Star Fox.

>>Shin: What's the main reason you bought a [console]?
>>PO: Uhm... it's the most popular/powerful ever and all my friends have PSX2 and it's cool!
>>GO: I love cute Nintendo games and Rogue Squadron is the best Star Wars game around.
>>XO: Halo's a great cooperative game. Also, it's only a matter of time until Microsoft monopolizes the industry. 
>>SO: Games. It would take too long to list all the wonderful Sega games that convinced me to buy Sega. Here are a few: Kenseiden, Herzog Zwei, Shining Force CD, Panzer Dragoon Saga, and Phantasy Star Online.

>>Shin: What genre of videogames do you enjoy the most?
>>PO: Hmmm... Videogames? Didn't Sony invent those during the launch of Playstation?? Well, I think Crash Bandicoot is the best genre.
>>GO: Cute action games that are just as easy to pick up as my system.
>>XO: FPS. What else is there?
>>SO: Strategy/RPG's -- it doesn't get any better than the Shining Force III trilogy.

>>Shin: Are you excited about network games?
>>PO: Uhmm... can you burn a broadband connection and/or a hard drive?
>>GO: Yeah, but does that work with AOL or WebTV?
>>XO: Sure am, but I hope broadband is available and affordable in my area soon! =/
>>SO: Of course! I've been playing network games since the mid 1990's, and PSO is a way of life.

>>Shin: What do you like best about your system's standard controller?
>>PO: Well, my doctor told me the exercises I do in order to play Street Fighter are good for my hands, and increase dexterity.
>>GO: It's even more comfortable than my baby bottle!
>>XO: It's lighter and smaller than the system.
>>SO: Ahh... The Saturn pad works great with just about any game!

>>Shin: What's your take on Sega going third party?
>>PO: They should have made Sony games from the start, and they would never have gone out of business!
>>GO: Does Sonic Adventure have a shallow learning curve?
>>XO: PSO was okay for Dreamcast, but 1.5-2 years later, it will be better on Xbox.
>>SO: Hardcore Sega gaming seems to be at an end.

>>Shin: Does your console get a fair shake in the videogame media?
>>PO: Hell yes! *whispers* Pssst... Sony owns part of Ziff Davis.
>>GO: No. I get my Gamecube coverage from children's magazines, like the Toys'R Us flyer in this past Sunday's paper.
>>XO: Sure, as long as you read the Official Xbox mag.
>>SO: In the end, who really cares? It's a matter of opinion, and I only care about what I think, not what they (the mags) think.

>>Shin: What's your favorite place to buy videogames?
>>PO: *boasts* Well, I buy CDR's at Best Buy and I download the games from my friend's FTP site.
>>GO: Toys'R Us, of course! Although I haven't found the GC section amongst all these Barbie dolls... yet! =/
>>XO: Doesn't matter... I just want some new releases already so I can gain a preference!
>>SO: Babbage's and/or Elec's Btq, because of their limited try before you buy policies. For imports, I choose NCS.

>>Shin: How will your console's manufacturer maintain and/or gain market share?
>>PO: Just keep up the PR, which will keep the opinion poll numbers high!
>>GO: Uhmm... hope for a baby boom???
>>XO: In the end, no one can beat Microsoft at their own game. They'll buy Sony if they have to.
>>SO: Sadly enough, even though the Dreamcast has seen a resurgence in Japan, I believe its window of opportunity has closed.

Hope you got a chuckle or two,
~ Shinobi ~

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